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Well #1

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Safe access to clean water is so vital and this is an area where we can have an immediate and direct impact. Some wells families use to extract their water are little more than an uncovered hole in the ground. Multiple families use these and of course there’s a risk of animals falling in and poisoning the water, or even worse a child! The approaching rainy season brings new risks to the water supply, if a well is little more than a hole in a ground then the rains can wash rubbish and other detritus into it, potentially contaminating the supply.

To help with all these issues we’ve built proper wells for people to use. Each of these wells serves 40-50 people so it’s a really big impact for an investment again of around £200.

This is the first well we built, thank you very much to Luke Matthews for funding this well with AGB!


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