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Partnered Projects

We want to partner with companies that support our mission to help Guinea-Bissau and have similar values in transparency, sustainability and gender equality.

Micro-credit Loan 

We partnered with Translasaurus - award winning Portuguese translation company to give a micro-credit loan to three women in the village of K3 to start their own wild palm oil making business.


Carlos from Rampage Studio found our Instagram page and is a 'Guinea-Bissau enthusiast'! He wanted his company to fund a scholarship for someone who would then have a whole career helping others in Guinea-Bissau. He decided to go for a nurse, and we found Samira Cabral who wanted to study at Lusofona University but couldn't cover the costs. Rampage Studio will now fund this scholarship for 4 years for Samira to complete her degree!



Building a Well


Ford Employees X AGB Well Project 2021 included employees in the UK and US offices coming together to fund building a well in Guinea-Bissau. This was vital to do before the rainy season. 

Summer Raffle Prize Donors

In August 2022, AGB will throw its second annual fundraiser to raise the money to fund re-building a school in Guinea-Bissau!


Experience Days UK has kindly donated a voucher for any experience under £50 on their website. The winner of this prize can then redeem it for their preference e.g.

  • Helicopter Flight

  • Supercar Driving Experience

  • O2 360 Climbing Experience 

  • Alpaca Trekking

  • Meet the Meerkats Experience

  • Chocolate & Champagne Masterclass


Digital illustrator 'DesignedByLauren' has kindly donated her talented work of doing a digital piece of art for the winner worth £25 , from a portrait of their choice. Check out some of her work!



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