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Pearl & Summer Co is a small women-led business in London that wanted to do a product collaboration with AGB to help small women-led businesses in Guinea-Bissau. It was founded by Julie who handpours the candles which are 100% plant-based and vegan friendly. The funds raised from this collaboration will go to giving women micro-credit loans to start their own small businesses. This is AGB's vision to not just send money, but give women the tools and resources to create their own income long-term. 

AGB X Pearl & Summer Co. Bubble Candle

  • We are transparent with our fundraising and projects and will continue this with our products- showing you a clear break-down.

    £8.00 - Product, materials and resources to create

    £4.00 -  Donation to AGB to fund a micro-credit loan in Guinea-Bissau. 

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