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Action Guinea Bissau so far!

December 2021

We only started AGB just over a year ago, and we’re amazed at how much we have managed to achieve. Thank you so much everyone who has donated or helped in any way!

9 things we’ve done in Guinea Bissau:

· rebuilt classrooms in a village school and a school in Bissau

· re-built several wells and toilets in villages around Catio

· finished 4 microcredit projects and started another 2 – for women to set up their own small businesses

· run awareness-raising workshops about gender and environmental topics

· run 2 projects together with COTEDAE, a group of environmental specialists: tree-planting and the port clean-up

· funded immediate needs for local families: sacks of rice, and seeds for families to plant

· bought and installed solar panels for one house in a village (and the residents have agreed that all others can go there to charge their phones and use the electricity produced)

· extended the city electricity power supply from the main road to the village of Safim by funding the telegraph poles and wires

· sponsored several students (nearly all female) to attend university courses and secondary school

7 things we’ve done in the UK:

· worked with a company sponsor to rebuild classrooms

· run 4 campaigns with Sweatcoin to earn money from hard-earned Sweatcoins

· run a very successful raffle, with donated prizes

· pushed ourselves to our limits with marathons and sponsored long walks

· organised an amazing summer Fundraiser, with food, drink and games

· been supported by several friends who have organised sponsored events to raise money for AGB (thank you so much Denise, Lois, Rami, and the Walking with a Purpose group!)

· talked to and worked with several people who have contacted us, wanting to help Guinea Bissau through our charity

We are constantly finding out more about needs in Guinea Bissau through our involvement in a WhatsApp discussion group, made up of English teachers. When we have an idea, we first discuss it, then ask Ali or Bacar to plan a budget. We then discuss the budget, discuss priorities, and when all is agreed, we send the money for that project to Bacar or Ali. They get on with it as soon as they can, and update us with photos and videos of the work. Then we post them on our website.

6 ways you could help:

· would you be able to donate a regular amount every month? This really helps us know how much money we have coming in. As we are a small charity, you can contact us to let us know what you would like your donation to go towards (we have several monthly donations supporting university scholarships for girls, and a recent one buying sacks of rice)

· would you like to do a sponsored event? Marathon? Half marathon? Ultra? 100k? 3 peaks? We would love it if you could raise money for AGB, and we will help you with your JustGiving page if you need any help

· could you sign up to the Sweatcoin app and donate all your Sweatcoins – this might even motivate you to get fitter?

· Or buy something from our AGB shop? For yourself or for a Christmas present – have a look!:

· Maybe you could sell something and give the profit to AGB? A cake sale? Sell an old bike you haven’t used for years? Or clothes?

· Donate to our Christmas / New Year fundraiser on our website – this year we’re raising money to help more women in villages with microcredit:


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