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AGB's 2024 Trip to Guinea-Bissau!

Our team at AGB had a fantastic trip to Guinea-Bissau in April 2024. The visit was filled with lovely encounters, inspiring moments, and exciting prospects for the future. Co-founder Linda and I, accompanied by Martin, went to see the projects, people, and communities involved with AGB over the last 3 years. Much to our suprise - Daniel, Elsa, Inacia, Almame, and Wilson were at the airport to greet us! These welcoming gestures set the tone for a journey bursting with energy and creating strong relationships.

Visits to Instituto Progresso Real, Martin Luther King School

We visited Instituto Progresso Real and Martin Luther King School, where the joy and enthusiasm of the children reaffirmed the importance of education and empowerment. Inspired by the students' smiles, AGB want to explore supporting these schools for scholarships, ensuring more children have access to quality education and brighter prospects. AGB is already funding the expansion of Martin Luther King school, as they are building a whole new school building with 4 more classrooms.

Along with Ali and Bacar we also visited the school AGB constructed funded by Armah's Consultants, which was fantastic to see the project completed!

Government Collaboration and Education Infrastructure

Discussions at the Ministry of Education on using Artificial Intelligence to improve inclusivity in education, led to them appointing me as the government's official advisor of artificial intelligence! Our progress highlighted AGB's dedication to enhancing education infrastructure and leveraging technology for positive change.

Island Exploration and Student Encounters

Venturing to the picturesque island of Bubaque, the team met another scholarship student, witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of AGB's scholarship program. Discussions on expanding AGB's reach in remote communities underscored the organization's commitment to empowering students across Guinea-Bissau.

Distributing Menstrual Underwear with Mariza

An exciting moment was meeting Mariza, a dedicated teacher eagerly awaiting the distribution of menstrual underwear to her students. Our joint project with SAALT for ongoing donations shows our commitment to addressing critical needs in the community.

Training Teachers for a Brighter Future

Our group taught sessions at both Tchico Te and Obama school, meeting a wide range of passionate students and teachers. Linda used her many years experience to inspire many english teachers and Martin did his first teacher training. The training of teachers in utilizing IT and AI tools gave them ideas to enhance the learning experience for students.

Eid Celebrations: Bissau Dressed-Up

It was incredible to be in Bissau for Eid celebrations and see so many familites celebrating in their beautiful clothes. The city was buzzing with energy and we spent some time walking up and down the main street.

Empowered Leadership: Setting Up Project Managers for Success

The establishment of six new project managers in Guinea-Bissau marked a new chapter in AGB's journey, as motivated individuals joined the team, eager to drive impactful projects and initiatives in the region.


AGB's journey in Guinea-Bissau demonstrates the power of connection, collaboration, and compassion in creating positive change. As we reflect on the memories and moments shared during the trip, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the continued journey of AGB in Guinea-Bissau.


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