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English Coursebooks Project

In GB, neither teachers nor students have coursebooks to structure their learning, and all photocopies have to be paid for by the teacher or the students, as schools / the government do not provide copies. There are no photocopiers in schools and people need to go to the centre of town to get copies. These coursebooks would cost £2 to print each, 100cfa per page, 140 pages. Students could then make cheaper photocopies for around 50 cfa per sheet. Linda has voluntarily done the editing / consulting / feedback on 2 new books written by Flavien Lanmantchion in Benin, with the agreement that teachers in Gb could then use the PDFs of the books. Linda will support teachers with using the books via the WhatsApp group. All they need is photocopies of the book.


This will impact all English secondary teachers (300) and students (25,000) in GB, as it will provide structure and ready resources for their teaching and learning. The more funding they receive for making copies, the more copies will be available for students who cannot afford to pay 1,400 cfa / £2 for the photocopied book.


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