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Gender-Equality: Menstruation Underwear

Empowering Young Girls in Guinea-Bissau

Action Guinea Bissau has been privileged to be part of a transformative project that is changing the lives of young girls in Guinea-Bissau. For the past three years, our partnership with SAALT has been excellently managed by Ciara Mitchell in the UK and Mariza Cabral in Guinea-Bissau. This has involved sending and distributing boxes of menstruation underwear 4 times a year and has been a great success for girls seeking access to education and empowerment.

During our visit to Guinea-Bissau, we had the incredible opportunity to meet some of the girls to distribute other mensturation underwear samples. The smiles on their faces spoke volumes about the impact of AGB's work. Distributing period underwear may seem like a simple gesture, but for these girls, it means they can attend school without the worry of missing out due to lack of menstrual products. This underwear is the more environmentally friendly that other options and more hygenic for those living in Guinea-Bissau.

This reinforced the importance of our mission and the significance of our efforts in promoting gender equality and education in the region. Through our projects, we have been able to raise awareness about menstrual health and hygiene, challenge societal taboos surrounding menstruation, and advocate for gender equality in Guinea-Bissau.

And as we continue our mission to empower young girls in Guinea-Bissau, I am very excied for AGB's partnership with Saalt to continue and for us to be able to distribute for menstrual products throughout the country. A huge thank you to Ciara Mitchell, Mariza Cabral and SAALT.


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