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Martin Luther King JR School Foundations

Updated: Jul 12

The Martin Luther King Jr School founded by Natcha, is an extremely special school that Linda, Martin and I had the pleasure of visiting in April 2024. The students were so happy to have us as guests and really grateful for the supplies we took along. Natcha showed us his architectural plans for the expansion of the school so that even more children can attend and therefore they don't have to travel far and dangerous journeys. This project funded the worker's payments for building the foundations which is a crucial step for progressing his plans!

These are some of the lovely students currently studying in the school:

From Vision to Reality

The dream of a two-story extension for the MLK School began over a year ago. AGB, along with Linda and Dorota, played a crucial role in securing the necessary materials (which were meticulously stored near the school) and obtaining the government planning certificate. The initial plan was to utilize local builders from the community to complete the construction for free. However, this proved to be unsustainable due to their time constraints and need to prioritize income-generating work. Recognizing the urgency, especially with the rainy season approaching, Natcha, the school's founder, hired workers to ensure the foundations were completed before the downpours arrived.

When Linda, Martin and I visited in April 2024, Natcha showed us all of the great plans for building number 2 and the materials already purchased:

As well as showing us the area for the foundations of the second building already dug:

Foundations for the Future

This project funded paying the builders who tirelessly completed the concrete foundations for the new classrooms. These solid foundations will form the base for the future of the school. They ensure the new classrooms can withstand the elements and provide a safe and secure learning environment for generations of students to come.

A Brighter Future Takes Shape

The completion of the foundations marks a significant milestone in the MLK School extension project. With this crucial step behind us, construction on the remaining parts of the extension can now proceed smoothly. From the initial groundwork to the completed foundations, these images showcase the dedication of the community and the tangible impact of AGB donations:

Acknowledging Our Funders: Honoring Joshua Faria Teixeira

This project was generously funded by the "Walking with a Purpose" fundraising initiative, conducted in memory of Joshua Faria Teixeira. Joshua, born and raised in London, developed a deep love for his parents' homeland, Guinea-Bissau. His dream was to contribute to the country's development by building structures to provide opportunities for success to the community. Though he was unable to see these dreams come to fruition, his spirit of generosity and passion for helping others lives on through this project.

Joshua's mother, Ludimila Faria, and his family have taken up his mantle to continue his legacy of giving back to the community of Guinea-Bissau. Ludimila expressed, "Joshua was my only son, and I feel the need to support his vision. By helping the young lives in Guinea-Bissau achieve their goals and pursue their dreams, we hope to relieve the pressure to seek better opportunities abroad."

The Journey Continues

The MLK School extension project is a great example of what can be achieved when a community unites behind a common goal.  Thanks to your support, this dream is now a reality, paving the way for a brighter future for the students of the MLK School. Natcha said "We are so thankful for all the support we received from you, AGB so far. Your support has been great to help us."

We will continue to share updates on the construction progress and how the new classrooms are making a difference in the lives of the students. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the MLK School!

Project Manager: Reinaldo Alfredo Natcha

Timeline: April - June 2024

Action Guinea Bissau Initiative: Education For All


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