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Scholarship: Samira Cabral

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

7 out of 10 women are illiterate in Guinea-Bissau. This is a fact that we need to change.

In order to empower women to get a career, increase gender-equality, earn their own wage and have the opportunity to give back to Guinea-Bissau we have given scholarships to study at University. A university course to get qualified in any profession is usually 4 years long and costs under £45 a month. Many people in Guinea-Bissau cannot afford the course so will work for many years to save up the money to fund one term, complete the term and then go back to working for many years to save up for the next term. It is amazing to give the scholarship and save them years of working in order to get qualified.

This is the second AGB scholarship that we gave to Samira Cabral who really wanted to study nursing at Lusofona University but couldn't afford the costs. Carlos from Rampage Studio found our Instagram page and wanted his company to fund a scholarship for someone who would then have a whole career helping others in Guinea-Bissau.

Thank you very much to Carlos and Rampage Studio for funding this scholarship with AGB!


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