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Seeds Distribution

In Guinea-Bissau, families need to grow their own food. Peanuts, rice and beans are the best value and more reliable crops to grow. Ali bought seeds for the families to plant them and make the most of all of the rain in June. These will then grow and ill be ready to be harvested in November / December.

Some problems that we needed to address was how to identify the families that will benefit the most from this, how to make sure families have enough suitable land to grow on and to make sure that the families have fencing around their land so that animals don't eat the crops.

With the money that we got back from the micro-credit projects in March and April, we funded this seeds distribution project. Here are pictures of peanut, rice and bean seeds for families to use to grow their own food. This impacted 5 whole families of 8, meaning they were able to grow food to last them several months.


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