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University Completed! 3 Year AGB Scholarship: Fatumata Balde

Today, we celebrate a huge milestone as our first scholarship recipient completes three years of university education, marking a journey of determination, resilience, and achievement.


7 out of 10 women are illiterate in Guinea-Bissau. This is a fact that we need to change. Among impoverished families, boys are 1.8 times more likely to reach grade six than girls and 1.5 times more likely than girls to take part in General Secondary Education.

The gender inequality in Guinea-Bissau’s education system leads to consequences, such as child marriage among girls. About 54% of women without an education experienced child marriage, as opposed to the 9% of women who achieved secondary education or higher. - Statistics from Borgen Project.

Our Mission

In order to empower women to get a career, increase gender-equality and earn their own wage we have given scholarships to girls in primary school. Helping them afford the costs and ensuring they stay in school from a young age, can have the largest impact over the course of their life.


Above is a photo of Fatumata Balde with her family whose lives have also been changed as she now works and brings in an income to the family. We wish her a huge congratulations for her hard work and good luck for her future!


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