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AGB 2021 Summer Fundraiser !

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

In order to celebrate how far Action Guinea Bissau has come already and thank our supporters, we threw a summer fundraiser. The Matthews family were kind enough to let us use their house and garden and we put together a day of food, drink, games and prizes.

To the left are some of the token collection boxes that Fernanda and I made and stickers to give to people with their entry ticket.

Sarah, Luke and I planned out the layout, rented a van, hired tables and chairs, organised food and drink deliveries and even managed to sort gazebos as we had last minute rain!

We had Colm, Ellie and James on the bar, who wore colours from the Guinea-Bissau flag and served drinks all afternoon. Nick and Sam were on the BBQ and Sam cooked the veggie food inside!

Here are some of the pictures from the day and all our prize winners and volunteers:

With the money raised, we managed to achieve so much in Guinea-Bissau. These projects will have an impact that will last for many years:

  • 2 Wells built- bringing safe access to clean water:

  • 2 Toilets built, increasing sanitation and safety

  • 15 Scholarships given to primary school girls

  • Electricity project- bringing electricity to a town that has never had it

  • Solar panels project- utilising the strong sun to produce power

Here are some pictures of the projects funded:

Here are some more great pictures from the day!


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