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Micro-Credit Loan #3

In order to not just give money to the people of Guinea-Bissau, but give tools and infrastructure for them to make their own money, we decided to fund loans to small businesses. These are primarily for women-led businesses and gives them the upfront funds to purchase the goods to make a business out of. These are only a £200 loan which is then repaid in 10 months of £20 each month and we can then re-use the money again to fund another project.

This is the third micro-credit loan given!

The £200 loan was given to Suncar Balde in Farim to start her business making doughnuts and now also sells fruit, vegetables and motorbike fuel.

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Deborah Bullock
Deborah Bullock
21 apr 2021

The produce looks fabulous 🙂

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