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Dorota's Scholarships: Bisne and Wilbonh

Seeding Success: Dorota's Plant Sale Cultivates Educational Growth in Guinea-Bissau

Michelle from AGB meeting Bisne and Wilbohn

Introduction: In Guinea-Bissau, where access to quality education is often limited, initiatives that support educational advancement are critical. Dorota's plant sale fundraiser, for Action Guinea Bissau, has facilitated significant strides in this arena. Dorota's initiative has provided educational opportunities for Bisne (23) and Wilbonh (22) through Instituto Progresso Real's training courses.

Dorota's Initiative: Motivated by a desire to effect positive change, Dorota orchestrated a plant sale fundraiser that was a great success. The plants were home-grown from cuttings by Dorota and with the support of her friends and family she as able to raise £165! The funds garnered facilitated the sponsorship for Bisne and Wilbonh to pursue educational training courses through Domingos Mam. These courses are tailored to equip participants with practical skills conducive to career advancement in education as they want to be teachers.

Meeting the Beneficiaries: During a recent visit to Guinea-Bissau, Michelle and Linda were able to meet Bisne and Wilbonh so they could see the tangible impact of Dorota's initiative. Both individuals articulated aspirations for careers in education, underscoring the significance of accessible educational pathways in nurturing professional ambitions.

Impact and Importance: Dorota's plant sale fundraiser exemplifies the adage that small actions can yield significant outcomes. In the journey toward educational equity and opportunity, her contribution serves as an inspiration. Thank you Dorota for holding this fundraiser and all of your support in Action Guinea Bissau!


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