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Gender Equality Project 2

There are many problems with gender inequity in GB: child marriage, domestic violence, women and girls having to do all the housework and childcare and growing food, girls having to help in the home before/as well as school, girls dropping out of secondary school when priority given to boys / girls losing confidence. GB has an oral tradition of experts going to villages to talk to local people. Villagers listen well, many are illiterate and follow traditions unquestioningly.

Ali and Bacar will run the meetings in the schools they are Directors of – for people in the community around the school, pupils, staff etc. An expert on gender equity in GB will be invited to each meeting to talk.

This session was held by the teacher Joana Man and the director of the school Quinito Gomes. They held the seminar in Catio based in the impact of:

1. The importance of education for a woman's gender equality.

2. Why the mother must keep the money to pay for their daughters school, meaning they can avoid getting married so young.

3. The importance of the education for the elders, so that they can write their names especially women



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