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Port Clean Up Project

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

This project was partnered with COTEDAE to clean up the busiest port of Bissau, impacting most of the population as it is where the fishing port is. This rubbish that has built up over the years impacts the fish, the wildlife, goods export and the health of the people in Guinea-Bissau.

We funded the hiring of a crane, tractor, rubbish truck and cleaning equipment to assist 30 volunteers to clear the rubbish. In order to make this impact permanent and provide a long-lasting solution, Ali Djau has also entered in agreements with the local authorities to create a new waste management system. This uses the new bins they created in this project from old oil containers to re-use the existing materials.

We really appreciate the help of the 30 volunteers and hope to fund more projects like this in the coming year!


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